Life (NBC TV series)

Fulton Huxtable

Statism is a doctrine that maintains, that your life, money and property are not yours… but the property of the state.  A statist is any person who upholds this doctrine and/or supports its implementation.

A statist knows that he cannot get away with—at least, not yet—openly declaring that your life, money and property are not yours, so he advances these ideas by implicit means.

Statists enact laws that forbid you from taking certain actions altogether or only if you have their permission—and the idea is: if you may only act by permission, you do not have a right to your life.

Statists, through their regulations, decide how much of your money you will be allowed to keep—and the idea is: if you do not have the right to decide how your money is spent, your money is not yours.

Statists issue decrees restricting how you may…

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