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Diversity is beautiful alert!

Reader ‘petzix’ sent us this recent op-ed which describes an incident on a boat carrying illegal migrants to Australia.

Readers here know that Australia’s government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been making great strides in closing the borders to the mostly Muslim aliens arriving by boat.

From Andrew Bolt writing at the Herald Sun News (emphasis mine):

THE ABC’s 7.30 on Monday accidentally showed exactly why we should stop the boats of illegal immigrants — and not only to end the drowning.

The ABC’s footage, including video shot by boat people turned back last month, actually showed a dangerous cultural difference.

How could these 34 people from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal — mostly Muslim countries that are neither war-torn nor famine-struck — think that threatening to kill our sailors, shouting “f— Australia” and warning of another September 11 would make us unlock our…

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