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Image The following is taken from an article in Metapedia. Check them out! –Pedophiles (also Paedophile ) are mental degenerates who are sexually attracted to children. Pederasty is the abuse of adolescent males and boys by adult Sodomites . The overwhelming majority of cultures advocate capital punishment for pedophiles. Homosexuality and paedophilia are very closely linked and overlapping paraphilias

As a Marxist Sexual Liberation Movement

Since the decline of the membership organization NAMBLA, Internet forums have become the centre of advocacy for this degeneracy. Judeo-Bolshevism, deconstructionism, and post-structuralism comprise the dominant politics of pedophile activists. A good example of the bent of pedophile politics is “The Panoptic Theater”, a four page essay in Alicelovers Magazine, a publication of Visions of Alice, a website oriented toward men who want to molest little girls. Josef K., Executive Editor of Alicelovers and author of “The Panoptic Theater”, writing under…

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