Refugee Resettlement Watch

It is working for Australia and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is not happy.

If you have been following our reports on Australia (here) you know that after decades of boat people arriving on their shores and demanding asylum, the Abbott government is actively turning them back at sea (most are from faraway Muslim countries).

This is the caption published with the photo: “Somali immigrants gather at a hotel where Indonesian authorities have billeted asylum seekers hoping to reach Australia. (AFP/JEMS)”

Just a reminder, a legitimate asylum seeker asks for refugee status in the first safe country he or she arrives in.  These ‘boat people’ have traveled through many safe countries before embarking on a sea voyage to Australia.  They are mostly ECONOMIC MIGRANTS, not legal refugees, who want to live in a first world country.  Most are also Muslims (Al-Hijra).

Remember this photo…

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