Wyoming newspaper, too lazy to find facts, calls names

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“Haters” and “bigots” that is what mainstream media publications call anyone searching for the FACTS involving anything to do with immigration in America these days.

So it is no surprise to see this editorial (not a letter to the editor mind you!) from the educated and erudite and oh-so-sophisticated making up the editorial staff of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

The message is you are a “bigot,” “bigot,” “hater,” “hater,” “racist,” “xenophobe,” (LOL! the more powerful if they say the words many times!)  if you have any questions about a federal or state government program involving immigration and your tax dollars, so shut up.  It is pathetic really.

Here is how they begin, but you can read it all yourself!  And, it is this sort of journalism that is at the very root of why Refugee Resettlement Watch exists to this day!

Tribune Eagle (Hat tip: Joanne):

The debate…

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