The term “man” or “men” expressed in the video below, refers primarily to his gender not to homosexuality or otherwise … but simply the father, the breadwinner, the husband or other such neutral terms used in daily life.

Misandry or hatred of men [misogynyishatred of women] is the primary focus in this video, but other terms such as “disenfranchising” or “de-humanizing” men will suffice as well.

A constant battle is being waged for your mind through MSM (mainstream media), especially television.  Cleverly designed word constructs, intertwined with subtle brainwashing techniques are in constant motion with one another to sway you towards their controlling agenda.  So Caveat emptor — or place your “buyer beware” attitude on full alert whenever the MSM is playing tricks with you. (Also, scroll down to see the previous blog entry – or click HERE.)

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