Mindweapons in Ragnarok

By Commenter Clytemnestra

Hey Mindweapons:

For any WNs who oppose MWs “Accumulation of Small Wins,” check this out:


A Maternal Mindweapons forced a North Dakota school district to shut down a kindergarten’s plan to sing the Village People’s YMCA, because she said she was “offended” by one of these Caucasians dressed up and parodying a Native American Indian. Of course, if she had been honest and engaged the school district in a direct manner and told them that she was appalled by the prospect of seeing a bunch of innocent, fresh-faced babies singing tongue in cheek about a trysting place for casual homosexual hookups, her objections would have been dismissed out of hand. And she probably knew this.

Had she done the latter, it is highly doubtful Fox News (now pushing the “Gay Rights” meme against Moscow like the good little Neocons they are) would even feature a segment…

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