6th suspect arrested Mexican Male Elvis Torrentes charged in Richmond gang rapeGang Rape Victim of 15 is White , Mexican Latino Gang-rape in Richmond Ca Media Hides victim's race : Update Samantha Haupt Kidnapped by two Mexicans in Oregon


6th suspect charged in Richmond gang rape

another mexican who raped her with foreign objects

Updated: 11/06/2009 02:42:15 PM PST

RICHMOND, Calif.—A sixth suspect has been charged in the gang rape of 16-year-old girl outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance. That makes 4 wetbacks as we like to say at AP.

Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan says 21-year-old Elvis Torrentes was charged Thursday with rape by a foreign object of a person unable to resist due to intoxication, rape by a foreign object while acting in concert and rape while acting in concert.

Police say Torrentes was one of as many as 10 people who participated in the Oct. 24 attack on the girl in a dimly lit courtyard on campus. The victim was found naked and semi-conscious after the nearly two-hour assault.

Investigators believe as many as 20 people may have watched the rape without calling police.

Contra Costa County…

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