Police State USA Targets Particular Groups of People, Especially Traditional Americans


police state usa newsweek cover

The excerpt below discusses how a police state targets groups of people. The author’s discussion is significantly flawed, as laid out in my commentary below the excerpt.

Police states single out particular groups and attack them. The particular groups they oppress depend on the country’s politics. There are always reasons and motives behind the selected groups. They are not chosen randomly. They are not chosen on the grounds of prejudice or solely on such grounds. One factor in the choice is the capacity of the authorities to brand some group as a threat to order, an enemy, a subversive, a danger, disruptive, revolutionary, deviants, or a corrupting influence. This branding gives the authorities support among non-targeted groups. The central government authorities have political reasons for allowing and encouraging the local authorities to build up the attacks on these groups. In some nations, the central government itself runs the police state…

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