Whitey-itis: Whites as Disease-Causing Agent OR, Separate or Die!

Toiletnation, USA

A new meme has emerged and seems to be picking up steam. It’s the idea that Blacks are in such poor health and die so early as a group because of the presence and Negrophobic attitudes of Whites.

In the last six months we’ve had the following brought to our attention:

Whites Give Blacks Asthma

Whites Make Black Women Deliver Prematurely

And yesterday, this:

Racism Speeds Up Male Negro Aging

Whites Make Black Men Prematurely Old (And Make Them Die Younger)

Image “On da left, I was 13, on da right I be 29…”

“Counsel and Heal,” an online health magazine, sums up the study, done at the University of Maryland, thus:


“We examined a biomarker of systemic aging, known as leukocyte telomere length,” lead researcher Dr. David H. Chae, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Maryland School of Public [sic] said in a news release.


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