The classroom--education is one of many systems designed to fail The classroom–education is one of many systems designed to fail

(NaturalNews) More and more people are wondering today why systems of American government and corporate enterprise don’t seem to be working. The education system fails to educate, the health care system fails to create good health, and the border patrol isn’t even allowed to protect the border. Why are these systems failing the American people over and over again?

The answer — which may surprise you — is that many systems are designed to fail from the very start.

The article lists 10 systems designed to fail, but let’s excerpt one of my favorites, education:

The very last thing a dictatorial society wants is a well-educated population that might achieve a high enough grasp on mathematics, history and sociology to recognize all the scams taking place around them.

If the U.S. education system taught children mathematics, no one would buy…

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