By Endangered Species

Whites Are Just 8% of the World Population!

“One of the main reasons for unplugging myself from cable TV . . .”

Seven years ago I was wandering around the Web when I came across a YouTube video titled ‘World Trade Center Building 7′ . . . “Huh?” I thought.

Clicking on that link was fateful as it lead me to another link, and another and another . . . and it wasn’t long before I tossed the TV out the window. Up till then I had spent my life just like hundreds of millions of other Whites: as an unknowing dupe.

Had the Internet not arisen, I would today be just as sincerely deluded as I had been my entire life. I have spent much of the past 7 years reading. Very little of it their mainstream, anti-white propaganda.

I have read everything written by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver ‘America’s Decline’, ‘The Origins of Christianity,’ etc (including all 166 Liberty Bell Magazine back issues available on the Web), ‘Which Way Western Man’ by William G. Simpson, ‘The Might of the West’ by Lawrence R. Brown, ‘Who We Are’ by William L. Pierce, ‘The Late Great Book: The Bible’ and ‘The Christ Myth’ both by Nicholas Carter, ‘The Synagogue of Satan’ by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, ‘Suicide of the West’ by James Burnham, ‘The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7′ by David Ray Griffin, ‘Hellstorm’ by Thomas Goodrich and some of Yockey’s, Nietzsche’s and Dr. Macdonald’s works, to name a few. (Eye strain can be a side effect of the awakening process.)

As well, I have read at hundreds of websites, including this one and Counter-Currents, arguably my two favorites.

It is a peculiar experience coming to realize we live in a world of lies (cognitive dissonance is an understatement). Mostly Big Lies profitably promoted by the masters of the big lie. And then, after some time, came the realization that no one else is waking up.

A few here and there, yes . . . but the majority? No way. If you try giving them information which conflicts with their telezombieknowledge,” you become their enemy.  I can’t blame them …  as I once was just as they still are.

I am sure the vast majority still religiously believe in 19 magic “mooslims” on 911, industrial murder gas chambers in WWII, an Oriental savior who is 33 per cent of the Big Hebrew in the sky, eternal war for eternal peace – slavery is freedom – diversity is strength, and all the “isms” – feminism being maybe the most poisonous of them all.

So, where to from here? As a previous commentator said, these days I am mostly an informed observer of the assisted suicide of my race. If there was a feasible course of action that could contribute to avoiding our extinction I may take it, but I cannot see one.

I do what little I can by no longer participating in the Bib vs. Bub election farce, I keep as much as possible of my increasingly worthless fiat currency out of the claws of the multi-national parasites’ corporations, I ingest none of their media poison, I no longer salute the red white and blue murder rag.

And I keep reading.

Good to see the comments open here again. I hope they can be kept open and largely troll free. It is one of the few places where Whites can “connect” with like-minded Whites.