Salomon Morel: Jew’s Life After Holocaust

Operation Werwolf

morelSalomon Morel was a “Holocaust survivor” and a Jewish murderer and thief, responsible for genocide of the Upper Silesian and German people under the Communist (i.e. Jewish Bolshevik) regime. The story of this creature is nothing short of repelling. Nevertheless even after Communism fell, he continued to receive his monthly pension, which was about five times as high as the nation’s average. He spent the rest of his life in Israel, and thus didn’t have to fear extradition or any other consequences for his unspeakable atrocities.

Morel was born on November 15, 1919 in the village of Garbow near Lublin (Poland) to a family of bankers. During World War II, Morel and his brother saw an opportunity in forming an armed criminal band with fellow Jews, to rob the nearby villages. Something he later referred to as “joining the Communist partisans”. While engaging in these acts, they were provided shelter…

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